Express Oil Change & Complete Vehicle Fluid Services
Warwick Car Wash Oil Express
Warwick Car Wash Oil Express

Warwick Car Wash Oil Express and Complete Fluid Services

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Warwick Car Wash Oil Express
Warwick Car Wash Oil Express

Warwick Car Wash Oil Express and Complete Fluid Services

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Full Synthetic, Synthetic Blend or Standard Oil Change

All Lube Srvices include

  • Up to 5 quarts of oil & change oil filter

  • Check/Fill Tansmission Fluid (up to 1 pint)

  • Check/Fill Coolant System (up to 1 pint)`

  • Check/Fill Washer Fluid

  • Check/Fill Power Steering Fluid

  • Lubricate Chassis

  • Inspect Wiper Blades & Air Filter


At Customers Request we will also, check/fill transfer case*, differential*, battery, lube door hinges, check manual transmission* & check tire pressure. (*may incur additional charges)

MOBIL 1 Oil Express

Full Synthetic


Mobil 1, the world's leading synthetic motor oil exceeds the industry’s toughest standards and outperforms all conventional oils.

Learn more about Mobil 1


Synthetic Blend


Mobil Clean 7500, a synthetic blend motor oil, provides outstanding protection for today’s longer service intervals.




Conventional Oil


Change your oil every 3000 miles and your car will last years longer...... with quality CITGO lubricants you can rest assured that your car will be worry free for years to come!



*All Prices Plus Tax and  Disposal Fee

Additional Services
  • Automatic Transmission Service

  • Manual Transmission Service

  • Front Differential Service

  • Front Synthetic Differential Service

  • Rear Differential Service

  • Rear Synthetic Differential Service

  • Transfer Case Service

  • Synthetic Transfer Case Service

  • Fuel Injection/Air Induction Service

  • A/C Ventilation Service

  • Engine Coolant Flush (up to 2 gallons)

  • Extended Life Coolant (up to 2 gallons)

  • Power Steering Flush

  • Replace Serpentine Belt

  • Tire Rotation

  • Motor Flush

  • Air Filters

  • Cabin Air Filters

  • Wiper Blades

  • Snow Blades

  • Bulbs

  • Oil Drain Plug or Rethread

  • Tire Plugs

  • Batteries for Most Vehicles














$59.95 & up



$19.95 & up

$39.95 & up


$8.95 & up

$1.50 & up

$2.50 & up

$19.95 & up

Price Varies

*All Prices subject to change and are Plus Tax and Subject to Disposal Fee

Recommended Service Intervals

Engine Oil


Oil Filter


Tire Rotation


Air Filter


Auto Transmission Fluid


Manual Transmission Fluid


Fuel Injection Service


Differential Fluid


Radiator Fluid





















The above intervals represent typical manufacturer's recommendations for average daily driving.


Severe operation or special conditions may require more frequent servicing.


Always check your owners manual for specific recommendations for your vehicle.