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Hand-Detailing Services

Professional Detail Services for
a showroom new appearance!

  • Protect your finish from harmful environmental effects

  • Give your vehicle a Luxurious Shine

  • Keep your Interior fresh & clean 



(*Add sales tax to all prices shown below)


Pro Shine Service

  • Soft Cloth Car Wash

  • Hand Towel Drying

  • Tire Shine

  • Polishing of ALL exterior paint

  • Simonize® Wax Hand applied with an orbital buffer



Family Special

  • Thorough Inter Cleaning

  • Vacuum and shampoo ALL carpeting & upholstered surfaces

  • Leather cleaner & protectant

  • Rubber & Vinyl protectant





* Monday thru Friday: No Appointment needed for most detail services.

Saturday & Sunday: Appointment Needed for detail services.


Prices Quoted are for average sized vehicles in average condition.

  • Mini Vans & sport/Utility vehicles $10.00 additional

  • Full Sized vans & Sport Utility Vehicles $20.00 Additional for detail services.


-We guarantee your satisfaction-

Bumper to Bumper Service

For That SHOWROOM NEW Appearance!

  • Soft Cloth Wash

  • Bug/Tar/Sap removal

  • Clean windows & mirrors

  • Simonize® Pro Wax

  • Thorough Interior cleaning

  • Vacuum & Shampoo ALL carpeting and upholstered surfaces

  • Rubber & Vinyl protectant

  • Tire Shine

  • Wheel Brite


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